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One of our largest projects yet, with a total of 19 full bridge demolitions and 13 partial removals, PDI continues to utilize our innovation, new technology and years of experience to move our portion of the I66 project forward faster and safer than ever before.

This 26 mile stretch along I66 is one of the most congested transportation corridors in the U.S, and a crucial artery connecting Virginia to Washington DC. The project will result in multi-lane expansions on both sides of the interstate, major interchange improvements and transform the area for years to come with more than 4,000 new park and ride spaces, and a corridor-wide shared use path.

As bridge conditions vary throughout this stretch of the highway, the job starts with an analysis of the structure’s age, condition, type and surroundings. Engineering works in conjunction with project management to begin to craft the plan which the field staff will deploy to execute the work.

All hazards have to be addressed and massive coordination is required to map out each step as the demands of safety for workers and the public are balanced with the challenge of keeping the arteries moving in and out of the nation’s capital.

Bull Run


This project was valued at $10 million

PDI aims to divert at least 95% of complete building structures away from landfills by crushing, sorting, recovering, re-using, and recycling everything we can

This project commenced in 2019 and is still in progress


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PDI continues to apply its innovative engineering process as we strive for excellence in completing our portion of this Interstate project. Safety is always our primary focus not only for ourselves but the general public. The working constraints on this project are countless as our team works in close proximity to busy roadways, environmentally protected waterways, Metro Stations and rail lines.  




Watch Priestly Demolition do the unthinkable—and take down the entire Gardiner Expressway Eastbound Ramp in just 5 weekends. This is a fresh new look at the masters of bridge demolition. See drone footage, time-lapse video, and project highlights of this rapid demo from the PDI team, plus a behind the scenes look at how this project plan comes together, and the people who make it happen.

Demolition of the Trafalgar Road and 401 Overpass Bridge

This Rapid Bridge Demolition is different from what you’ve seen before. Watch as PDI crews demolish the structure from both the top and bottom simultaneously. Featuring interviews with our crew.

The Kobelco 1600, A Gamechanger for PDI

This heavily modified, Kobelco 1600, 200T beast will allow us to take down higher buildings than ever before.

Victor Mine, Ontario’s First and Only Open Pit Diamond Mine

Must see demolition of the Victor Mine, where calling in for backup isn't an option. Priestly Demolition flies in additional heavy equipment by Hercules aircrafts, to complete the project in this remote location near James Bay in Northern Ontario.

Underwater Demolition of the Glen Miller Dam 3

Priestly Demolition dives into the murky waters of the Trent Severn Waterway—hammering and removing concrete 16 feet below the surface. This underwater demolition provides a whole new set of challenges, but that's nothing new for PDI and the bigger the challenge, the more excited we get. Watch now to see how it's done.

Must See—New Kind of Demolition for Priestly Demolition

Demolition isn't always about smashing buildings to the ground. See how Priestly Demolition is taking the opposite approach for this project.