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US office, Virginia


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With over 25 years of demolition experience, Priestly Demolition Inc. has become a trusted partner of many large businesses across North America and abroad. As the needs of the industry have changed over the years Priestly Demolition have made large investments in equipment, people, new technology, an engineering department and a rigorous comprehensive safety program. 

Our focus is to work safely, and exceed client expectations everyday.

It’s not just about demolishing a building anymore, its about the complete lifecycle of a structure. With a focus on aging infrastructure, hospitals, bridges, large industrial plants and the energy sector, Priestly Demolition has shown time and time again what sets us apart from the competition.

Most recently Priestly Demolition had the opportunity to oversee 19 full-bridge demolitions on the Transform 66 Outside the Beltway project, a 22.5 mile project that includes a crucial artery (I66) connecting Washington DC and Virginia.

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