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Commercial Demolition Services

Commercial Demolition Presents Complex Challenges

Commercial properties encompass everything from massive manufacturing plants to condo developments and they sometimes can present unique challenges in terms of safety, hazardous material abatement and environmental responsibility. Priestly Demolition Inc (PDI) is chosen for large commercial demolition projects because we have the experience, expertise and high reach equipment to handle these projects safely and efficiently

Priestly excavators providing commercial demolition services


As trusted commercial demolition specialists, we offer:

  • Conventional demolition with an engineered plan
  • Excavation and brownfield remediation services
  • Asbestos, lead and mold abatement
  • Structural engineered plans, site reviews and design services for structural demolition and building stability
  • 3D scanning,  3D modelling of structures with BIM technology
  • Site surveying for excavation and stockpiles
  • Rock, rubble crushing and soils screening
  • Community engagement

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Our engineering professionals, heavy equipment mechanics, and safety department all have the ability to pivot quickly, therefore eliminating the need to use outside organizations for support.


55 & 61 Charles Street

55 Charles Street (nine-storey) and 61 Charles Street (three-storey) are two buildings located side by side in the heart of the city of Toronto that needed to be demolished to make space for a 50 storey condominium development.