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Demolition & Excavation Company

Leading the Way With Innovative Solutions, Smart Technology and Experience

Focused on high standards in quality workmanship and customer service, Priestly Demolition Inc. (PDI) thrives as one of the leading demolition contractors across the country. We have the innovation, technology and experience to engineer plans for the most difficult and complex demolitions jobs. In a rapidly evolving and fast-paced industry, it’s not just about demolishing a building anymore—it’s about the complete life cycle of the structure. We pride ourselves in devising unique demolition solutions that increase the safety and efficiency of our projects, while demonstrating exceptional environmental stewardship. Our engineering professionals, heavy equipment mechanics, and safety department all have the ability to pivot quickly, therefore eliminating the need to use outside organizations for support. This makes PDI a full service organization, and saves both time and money.

Priestly Demolition demolition excavation company in Ontario

Meet Our Executives

Our leadership team is focused on using our leading-edge engineering solutions to better drive value and outputs for our clients.


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PDI Group of Companies

To help support the expansion of Priestly Demolition across North America, the PDI Group of Companies was born. They include PDI National Salvage, Dakota Reclamators, PDI National Aggregates and PDI National Crane.


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Member Associations

At PDI, we adopt a growth mindset and strive to continually learn and adapt new technologies in our demolition processes. As trusted innovators, we are a part of various associations and stay current on industry updates and emerging technologies.



With over 25 years of experience, PDI has handled demolition projects of all shapes and sizes, with a focus on completing projects safely, on time, and on budget.

Priestly Demolition is a family-run company and we consider ourselves one community, and one family where people are the first priority.



We work hard every day, persevere through the tough times, and surround ourselves with loyal, skilled, and hard-working individuals in order to provide the highest quality demolition services to our clients.