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Salvage Kings returns full throttle for another season of thrilling demolitions and extraordinary finds by the team at Priestly Demolition. Leading the charge is Head of Salvage Ted Finch and his crew – modern-day treasure hunters who stop at nothing to uncover rare and valuable objects from buildings that are on the verge of demolition. They are pushed to their limits as they scour through demanding demolition sites to ensure no hidden gems are left behind and lost forever.

This year, the stakes are high. Company president Ryan Priestly devises an expansion plan for the salvage team that will transform their operation. It’s a gamble, but if successful, the expansion could yield big rewards for the company. The undertaking also means a personnel shake-up for the close-knit crew. Three new members join the team, causing some friction as the old and new guard adapt to each other.

Their salvage missions may be high-pressure, but that doesn’t stop Ted and his team from approaching their work with humour and passion as they crisscross through amazing locations to rescue treasured items from destruction. No stone is left unturned as the salvage team scavenges through cities, towns and villages, and into buildings of all types. Every object tells a story – and there’s no telling what the Salvage Kings will find, nor where their incredible discoveries will end up.


Season 1 and 2 of Salvage Kings is available to watch on STACKT TV.