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First Rapid Bridge Demo of the Season

Deerfoot Teaser

Rehabilitation of Various Outfalls Project

Terrace Plaza Hotel Demolition: First Steps

Terrace Plaza Hotel Demolition: Engineered Solutions

Level Up Partnership (Shorts)

Check out this Plant Demolition in Hartsville, South Carolina

P&G Demolition Project in Cincinnati

Chemical Plant Demolition in Haverhill, OH

PDI Demolishing 28 Concrete Silos in Nazareth, PA

WATCH Phase 1 of the Tansley Bridge Project

Check out this Bridge Demolition in DeLand, Florida

Priestly Demolition is your Partner in Progress


Essa Rd, Rapid Bridge Demolition

Windmill Felling in Duarte, ON

BIG Demolition of CHCH Building with High Reach Excavator

Fast and Furious Bridge Demolition, Simcoe Street

Watch High Reach Demolition in Calgary with Canada’s Biggest Excavator, the Kobelco 1600

Heavy hauling in the early morning

2021 Commissioners Street Bridge Combined

Urban Demolition

401 & Hespeler

Canada's Biggest and Heaviest High Reach Excavator Arrives in Edmonton

Something BIG is coming...

It's Moving Day

Time to Reassemble the Kobelco 1600

A closer look at the Kobelco 1600

First of its kind in Canada

This Kobelco 1600 is a game changer for PDI

Campbell's Soup

Anne Street Bridge Demolition

Avenue Road Trailer

Welding & Mechanical Back Shop